Everyone loves shiny cars, and they are frequently used as litmus tests for physically based rendering. Achieving a quality image requires dense geometric data and high resolution reflections. While most modern mobile devices are able process the workload of rich assets, accessing large volumes of 3d content remains a challenge for the web.

Babylon.js is a WebGL framework which provides methods for generating physically-plausible shading and reflections using image-based-lighting. The framework also provides access to a great number of web ready formats which can be used to compress our data and deliver it efficiently. The engine provides back-end rendering for this website and the content it presents has been developed for it.

The assets belonging to this sketch were sourced from Sketchfab and hdrihaven. They were further developed, optimized, and reviewed for quality using playground and a modified version of the available exporter. Modifications to the original assets have been made, as required artistically, using Substance Painter, Photoshop, and Maya.