Immersive VR requires a head mounted device and content tailored for VR rendering. That content can be streamed or preloaded onto devices using App-Store installations, which require additional user actions and permissions. While it is possible to depend on users occasionally updating content, it remains a challenge to retain users through complex sign-ups.

WebXR is a browser-based device specification for streaming content to browsers on VR devices. The XR environment is detected by the browser and content specific to that device, along with device tracking features, are seamlessly available. Babylon.js provides a wrapper for WebXR which enables developers to localize content per platform and manipulate the VR environment.

This project was developed over two weeks for the Oculus Quest 2 browser, and provides limited support for desktop and mobile. The assets belonging to this sketch were sourced from Sketchfab here (rock) and here (plane) the original hdri came from hdrihaven. They were further developed, optimized, and reviewed for quality using playground and a modified version of the available exporter. Modifications to the original assets have been made, as required artistically, using Substance Painter, Photoshop, and Maya.